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M&A Process

A Proven
M&A Process

We specialize in facilitating sophisticated and streamlined mergers and acquisitions processes for middle-market companies. Our M&A process is meticulously structured to create value for sellers with $10MM or more in annual revenue. Beginning with a comprehensive valuation analysis, we embark on a strategic exploration to understand our client’s unique business objectives, industries, and markets. Our seasoned team then develops a tailor-made strategy to approach potential acquisition or merger candidates that align with the identified goals, ensuring confidentiality and minimal disruption to ongoing business operations. Utilizing our extensive network and industry expertise, we negotiate and structure deals that maximize value and satisfy the distinct needs of both parties, ultimately leading to successful and enduring business combinations.

Thorough Details from Qualfied Experts

After setting clear goals and strategies, our team at IAG M&A Advisors begins the detailed work of finding the right buyers for possible mergers or acquisitions. We research and approach potential matches carefully, always keeping our client’s confidentiality and business needs at the forefront. Buyers are reviewed to ensure financial readiness and capability to purchase. We’re there every step of the way to manage discussions about deal terms and value, addressing any concerns swiftly to keep things moving smoothly. Our team also ensures open communication between all parties involved, to clarify expectations and deal details. 

plan of action

10 Step Process

Our approach is meticulously designed to provide our clients with a clear, structured pathway, from initial consultation to the final close of the deal, ensuring that every transaction is conducted with utmost precision, integrity, and transparency. We specialize in optimizing the sale value of your company, identifying the most suitable and value-accretive buyers, and facilitating smooth and efficient transactions. Our seasoned team of advisors is committed to supporting you through each stage of the sale, providing comprehensive guidance, insight, and expertise, to ensure your business objectives are met, and the transition is seamless and successful.



Begin with an in-depth discussion to understand our Seller’s unique needs, objectives and goals. This provides the foundation for our advisory relationship and guides our customized approach to your unique situation.



Formalize our commitment to work together. An engagement letter outlines the terms, roles, responsibilities and the nature of our services.



Seller gathers relevant business documents and financial information based on IAG’s vast wealth of experience. These materials serve as the backbone for the valuation and marketing processes.



Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business to determine its current market value, used as a benchmark for the transaction. No matter what the valuation is, we always strive to achieve the highest and most favorable outcome for you.


Buyer List

Identify potential buyers (or investors) by leveraging our extensive network and proprietary databases. Targeted buyers may include strategic players, financial buyers and high net-worth individuals with sufficient acquisition funds.


Marketing Materials

Create concise and attractive materials highlighting your business value propositions without disclosing its identity. This allows prospective buyers to consider the opportunity before signing a non-disclosure agreement and limits disclosure of confidential information. 


Tax Consultation

Ensure that all potential tax implications, opportunities and pitfalls are carefully considered from the Seller’s and Buyer’s perspective to optimize the transaction structure. 


Go or Grow to Market

Go-To-Market considerations will include the buyer types, desired timing and alignment with our initial consultation. A multi-tiered marketing process is then designed to target exposure to qualified buyers.


Term Sheets

Present all acquisition offers to you, often preceded by lengthy background discussions and preliminary negotiations. We can introduce you to qualified legal counsel to ensure a thorough understanding of the proposed terms and implications.


The Close

IAG has participated in hundreds of successful transactions. Our vast experience is an essential component for anticipating and resolving the most challenging issues and, most importantly, keeping the deal on track. We serve as the transaction “quarterback” in coordinating the involvement and activities of the buyer, lenders, attorneys, wealth advisors and all other third-party players. Simply put, IAG helps get the deal done!

Middle Market is Different.

It takes experience and the right approach to sell companies that achieve $10MM or more in annual sales. Find out what makes our process different by scheduling a call with our team.