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Our M&A Advisors are Transforming the Lives of Business Owners


Selling a business can be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. When you work with the transaction specialists and highly experienced M&A advisors at IAG M&A Advisors, you set yourself up for the freedom, flexibility, and feeling of pride that selling a business brings. At IAG, we pride ourselves in using a straightforward process to help individuals achieve their goals.

M&A Advisory Services

We advise low to middle market business owners through each stage and help structure deals  that sell for maximum value, creating wealth and legacies that last for generations.

Business Valuations

Knowing what your business is worth is often the first step to selling. Our comprehensive Business Valuation services give you a true reflection of your company’s worth.

Value Enhancement

As one of Inc Magazine’s fastest growing M&A companies, we’ve developed a proven set of value building and deal enhancing services that can streamline the process of selling a business.

Solutions for Middle Market

Does your business gross more than $5M in revenue annually? Our Mid-Market team can help you sell your company and achieve the exit you deserve. Visit IAG Capital Markets.

More Qualified Buyers Leading to Higher Prices for Clients

Our M&A advisors work hard to create a competitive demand for your business, leading to more offers.

IAG’s goal is to find the right buyer for your business, at the right time. Over the last fifteen years we’ve developed relationships with over 5,000 qualified buyers, investment groups, entrepreneurs, family offices and more who are waiting to see what qualified businesses we are bringing to the market. Our network consists of thousands of industry professionals giving your business immediate exposure to buyers who are highly interested in opportunities.

Selling Businesses the Right Way

We help prepare owners of privately held businesses to successfully grow and sell their businesses for maximum value. As a leading M&A advisory firm, we deliver a comprehensive process that has helped hundreds of owners successfully exit their businesses. We guide clients through the entire M&A process, from evaluation and growth strategies to negotiations and deal structuring. Our purpose and passion is helping you create a legacy that will last for generations.

More Interested Buyers

Shorter Time on the Market

Highly Experienced Advisors

Worldwide Network of Professionals

Streamlined Proven Processes

Billions in Transferred Value

IAG M&A Advisors Reviews

Our passion as a business intermediary consulting firm is facilitating the buying & selling of businesses with the goals of our clients at heart. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team gets to know each of our clients personally to understand their values & businesses.

Let IAG Help Guide You Through the Business Buying And Selling Landscape

IAG utilizes over 100 years of combined experience to provide business intermediary, sell-side and value enhancement solutions for our clients. We empower business owners to achieve the right exit, to the right buyer using our comprehensive proven process of selling businesses.


We take the time to get to know you, your financial goals/needs, and your company to find the buyers that make the most sense. And you are involved in the process every step of the way.


M&A Services Offered Other Firms IAG
Relevant Go To Market Valuations
Competitive Buyer Bidding
Value Enhancing Services
Strategic Market Strategy
Thousands of Qualified Buyers

How IAG Helps Business Owners Sell Their Businesses

We believe that businesses built America, & our clients have built fantastic businesses. We've worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade & our proven process works to identify the areas of your business that are the most attractive to potential buyers & allow for the most successful outcome possible.


There Has Never Been A Better Time To Sell Your Business.

The success of our business is solely dependent upon the success of selling yours. By providing innovative and exclusive solutions for our clients, we are able to focus on selling your business for the highest value possible.


Why Choose IAG M&A Advisors?

We know that sellers expect their advisor to be able to navigate the twists and turns of the sale process smoothly, with few bumps and avoidance of any heartaches. Sellers expect their advisor to bring many parties to the table to create maximum leverage. They want to like and respect their advisor. They also hope that their company and employees will thrive under new ownership, resulting in respect among the communities of which they were a part. If you can relate to these goals, we have a lot in common!

Are You Prepared to Sell Your Business? 

Explore our complimentary M&A resources with no obligation.

If you are ready to grow or sell your business, or want to learn how to value your company, our award-winning and professional team of M&A advisors is here to help. Contact us, book a free strategy call, get a value estimate or download one of our free tools to help you get started on one of the most important decisions you’ll make.


We have a wealth of information available which answers the essential questions you may have about determining business valuation, how to sell a business, and when it’s the right time to exit. Explore our complimentary range of resources, the latest M&A news and our insightful quiz to start building your knowledge of selling a company for the optimal value.

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Your Next Step is Risk Free

The journey of selling a business starts with getting the right information and asking the right questions. For our team, there’s no greater reward than transforming the lives of business owners, to create the future they want for themselves and their loved ones.

Book A Strategy Call

Our expertised M&A advisors can help you determine the next steps in your selling journey with no obligation. You can ask questions about your business, the state of the market, our process and more at your convenience.

Get A Valuation Estimate

Our instant business valuation tool can help you get a ballpark estimate of what your business could be worth in the market today. It uses real world statistics, multiples and calculations to send you a PDF report in 2 minutes.

Get An In Person Meeting

We have M&A Analysts and Transaction Advisors all over the United States and Canada ready to meet with qualified business owners at their locations, or virtually through online meetings with no obligation.