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The 4 Degrees of Delegation: Why Delegating is an Important Factor when Selling Your Business

This eBook offers insight into how you can delegate effectively. Being able to delegate well means your company can thrive without you personally overseeing the details.

This freedom allows your company to grow without you as a bottleneck while the quality of your work life improves as you no longer have to spend your time fighting fires and answering mundane questions. Best of all, your company is worth more.

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How Would You Rate Your Ability to Delegate?

If you’re like most business owners, you probably give yourself a decent grade. However, if you’re constantly finding yourself disappointed in people on your team, the problem may be less about them and more about your ability to delegate effectively.

You’ll discover:


This eBook offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach workforce efficiency through delegation. You may be closer to a carefree work-life than you think.


  • 3 types of delegators and what it means to you.
  • Why delegation is important when selling your business.
  • How to get your company to run without you. 

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