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About Selling Your Business

What are the costs of selling my business?

This is the question we are asked the most. The costs associated with selling your business commonly include costs associated with any optimizations, valuations, & percentages of the final selling price paid to the intermediary selling your business. Other costs may include paying for any outside services that you choose to hire, such as a lawyer or accountant.

How long will it take to sell my business?

We have a proven process for selling your business. However, there are other time factors to consider when selling. The US Small Business Administration statistics show that it normally takes six months to one year to sell a business after it has been listed. However, the timeline can vary due to factors such as buyer diligence, market conditions, & how optimized your business is to sell.

How will the sale of my business be structured?

Most of the time, buyers are purchasing the assets of your business, not the whole entity. This means that an asset purchase agreement is drafted for what your business owns, including equipment, real estate, furniture, databases, customer data, marketing materials, brands, websites, contracts, etc. Generally speaking, everything the business owns, but not actual shares in your company. With larger businesses, a buyer may want to purchase the entire entity.

What can I do to improve the success of selling my business?

You can do a lot! Besides operating your business normally & letting us perform the selling process, you can consolidate your company information, streamline operating procedures, & boost the image of your business by performance optimizing it for success. Business sales are similar to real estate sales in that your curb appeal is very important to attracting the right buyers. A buyer might skip over your business in favor of a similar business that is more optimized for a new owner to step in. You can also find out what your business could be worth using our all new valuation estimator tool - Click on this link.

What financing options are there for selling my business?

Getting the most value for your business is the primary goal. However, most business buyers today will finance the purchase either through cash, bank financing, debt, seller financing, or a combination of these options. Seller financing is an important option to consider because it often gets you more money for your business by allowing the new owner to pay you a portion of the sale, or more of the value, as your business performs.

What is seller financing?

Most of the business acquisitions in the market today involve some form of seller financing. This means that the seller of the business maintains a portion of the purchase price as a note payable by the buyer. For example, a buyer may pay 75% up front in cash, with the remaining 25% payable to you over a certain time period, with interest. This shows the buyer that you have confidence in the performance & opportunities of your business.

Where can potential buyers for my business be located?

Potential buyers for your business can be located nearly anywhere. IAG is an international business intermediary firm that is well experienced in selling businesses worldwide. In order to attract buyers from more locations, your business should be well optimized for an absentee owner to take over. Most buyers do not want to step into another 40 hour work week, therefore it is very important to consider optimizing your business to attract buyers from all over the world.

When is the best time to sell my business?

According to industry publications & research firms, there has never been a better time to sell your business than right now. 2018 was the all time best year for mergers & acquisitions, with 2019 & beyond looking even better. There are more financing options than ever before & the economy is growing strong with technology to help grow businesses getting better every day.

Are there ways to boost the value of my business?

Absolutely! Once you get your custom business evaluation from IAG, our team will review every detail with you. This review involves presenting your business to you in the way a buyer will see it. Value with businesses for sale include optimizing for operational efficiencies, cash flow, growth trends, revenue diversification, curb appeal, & future growth opportunities. Using our proven processes & solutions, the value of your business can be improved so that you can get more of a payout. Find out more by getting started.

Do I have to tell everyone that my business is for sale?

No. In fact, we recommend that you do not tell anyone that your business is for sale. IAG protects the confidentiality of your business every step of the way, across every channel that we market to. We do this through confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure arrangements, & by keeping the identifying information about your business strictly private until these agreements are in place by interested buyers. Let us do the selling while you focus on your business.

How do buyers find out about my business for sale?

There are many ways that potential buyers find out about your business for sale through IAG. We have a proprietary list of qualified buyers that we contact individually about our client businesses for sale. These personal relationships have been developed through decades of successful M&A services, & include contacts & buyer pools from nearly every industry in the market. We list your business across all of our websites, all of which attract many interested buyers on a daily basis. In addition to these listings, we market your business through our private interested buyer lists full of entrepreneurs, investment firms, corporations, & private owners looking to buy optimized businesses that IAG offers to them. We also list your business across major industry marketplaces to attract even more interest. We do all of this without ever releasing any private information about your business until an interested party has the proper confidentiality agreements in place with IAG.


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