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Business valuation services

Business Valuation Services

Many business owners think they know how much their company is worth but, without professional business valuation services, risk seriously undervaluing their largest asset at exit.

IAG provides accurate business valuations from qualified and certified professional valuators so our clients can see where the true value lies in their businesses.

Valuing Your Business for Acquisition

From financial analysis, through to highlighting intangible assets, our comprehensive Business Valuation services demonstrate how to value a business accurately, giving you a true reflection of your company’s worth.

Business Valuation Experience

At IAG, we have represented hundreds of clients in the sale of their businesses. This extensive experience, as well as our operational background as business owners, gives us a leg up in the process of evaluating and preparing lower and middle-market business Merger or Acquisition events. We’re in a unique position to be highly successful when taking a business to market at its highest possible Enterprise Value.


With this vast experience comes creative ideas and experience to maximize value and prepare for any issues that could pop up during diligence. Our value proposition to our clients includes an ability to search every nook and cranny of a business to squeeze every bit of value out of it during the exit process.

Understand Your Business Value

We understand how confusing it can be to approach this process, especially with all of the information (and mis-information) available on the internet. Using our team’s experience, and an in-depth analysis to help gather the right valuation drivers, and to apply the appropriate formulas when the process is complete, our clients better understand why their particular company’s valuation is very personal to that particular company – no two companies are ever alike.


Our top-notch business valuation services encompass every aspect of your business such as comparison values, quality of earnings, discounted cash flow, enterprise value opinions, market valuations, financial recasting, pro forma forecasting and asset values. Our valuation team understands both the science and art of properly valuing businesses for acquisition.

How does a Business Valuation Affect Your Sale?

Your business valuation is a key indicator of whether it is time to sell your business. And the best way to get started is to contact us as early as possible. Understanding the value of your business first is the essential starting point that sets the stage for other aspects of your acquisition journey. Proper business valuations can help with go to market preparation, setting an asking price range and more.


We are not just your go-to company for valuations, we are here to maximize your company’s value during the exit process.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with the process of selling your business from valuation to closing.

Your Next Step is Risk Free

The journey of selling a business starts with getting the right information and asking the right questions. For our team, there’s no greater reward than transforming the lives of business owners, to create the future they want for themselves and their loved ones.

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Our M&A experts can help you determine the next steps in your selling journey with no obligation. You can ask questions about your business, the state of the market, our process and more at your convenience.

Get A Valuation Estimate

Our instant valuation tool can help you get a ballpark estimate of what your business could be worth in the market today. It uses real world statistics, multiples and calculations to send you a pdf report in 2 minutes.

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