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Business referral program

Do You Know Someone Who Wants To Sell Their Business?

Get Paid For The Referral To IAG & Make It A Win-Win!

IAG will pay you for referring a business to us to represent for our selling & intermediary representation. Learn more below.

Do you know a business owner who is looking to sell their business?

Or who would benefit from our expertise?

You may not have a business to sell, or may not be looking to buy one, but you may likely know someone who is & would appreciate assistance in selling their business. They clearly can benefit from our expertise and you can receive a referral fee and commission from us as a way of saying “thanks” for helping us!


In fact, as soon as they engage with us WE PAY YOU $500.00. Then we pay 10% of the net sales side commission IAG collects for each referral that results in a sale. Your referral commission is paid to you when we receive our commission.


There are several factors that determine the commission rate we earn, but it is not unusual for the referral fee to be $10,000 or more! In addition to helping your family members or associates, this is an excellent way to generate an extra “bonus” for yourself or to create an ongoing revenue source from multiple referrals throughout the year.

Your Information Is Secure.

It is very important to us that your relationship with your friend or relative say strong, so you can contact us confidentially and we will initiate the contact with the business owner without mentioning you. Or with your permission, we will mention you when we contact them, but it is important that you contact us before the seller contacts us.


Remember, your fee is paid upfront, but your commission is paid upon the completion of a successful sale. Therefore, it is important that you refer businesses that are strong candidates — and we’ll help determine that once we contact the Seller. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your referrals and we will collect the necessary info from you to contact the seller.

How Does It Work?

1. Fill Out Our Referral Form


2. We Will Contact You For More Information


Here Are The Terms:


You can receive a finder’s fee from IAG for referrals under the following conditions:


  1. The business being referred is not already in contact with or is in the IAG system, the fee of $500 is based on a deposit paid to IAG with approved agreement.
  2. The referral will be submitted to IAG via referral agreement and approved prior to the initial meeting with the IAG business analyst.
  3. The referrer has signed and submitted the referral agreement to IAG.
  4. IAG has accepted the referral agreement and has returned a copy of said signed agreement to the person making referral.
  5. The terms of the agreement are $500 + 10% of the net commission paid upon closing of the sale, which will be paid to the person making the referral on businesses who have contracts and have paid the start-up fee.

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Our instant valuation tool can help you get a ballpark estimate of what your business could be worth in the market today. It uses real world statistics, multiples and calculations to send you a pdf report in 2 minutes.

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