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The IAG M&A Advisor Team for Selling a Business

Experienced M&A Professionals

Talent, Experience & Integrity

Our team includes former business owners with years of various industry, banking and real estate experience, along with analysts, transaction advisors and industry professionals. IAG M&A Advisors has established a proven formula for success and we strictly adhere to that formula.

Meet Our Team of Business Selling Professionals

Our large team of dedicated business selling pros is here to serve our clients with over 100+ years of experience with buying and selling businesses. Our goal is to empower business owners & entrepreneurs to see the true value of what they’ve built utilizing our proprietary Merger & Acquisition process of positioning for the best business sale & acquisition possible.

Jason Hullender, CMAA, CBB

Managing Director

Jason is a Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor and IAG’s lead deal maker. After co-founding IAG in 2009, Jason quickly grew it into one of North America’s premier M&A advisory firms. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs receive the exit they deserve. He and his team have assisted hundreds of sellers in valuing and eventually exiting their businesses. Prior to starting IAG, he led the marketing division of another M&A firm and proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

Strick Hullender

CEO / Partner

Strick Hullender co-founded IAG in 2009, and has been pushing the boundaries of M&A ever since through innovative, state-of-the-art processes ever. As the CEO, he and his team have overseen billions of dollars’ worth of transferred value to clients. Prior to his work with IAG, he was an industrial engineer for one of the largest automobile manufacturers and owned another M&A company which he brought to the forefront of the industry with his over thirty years of experience.

Linda Delcampo

Vice-President of Operations

As part of the executive board, Linda has helped grow IAG into one of North America’s premier M&A advisory firms by leading the marketing division and being the liaison for all clients. Prior to her work at IAG, she was an executive for twenty eight years with an aerospace manufacturing company.

Jeannette Zimmerman

Director of Client Services

Jeannette Zimmerman has been working in the M&A Industry with IAG’s Client Services Division for over 13 years. Her favorite part is working closely with clients and educating them on the process. In addition to direct client contact, she assists IAG with new hire and technical training. She’s always excited to learn new things and improve to better assist the company and her clients.

Ellen Lalli

Client Services

Ellen Lalli has been in the M&A arena for over 25 years and member of the Executive Board since IAG’s inception. As Head of Operations, she has built a team of top-notch personnel and implemented procedures to simplify the buyer/seller process. With attention to detail, she also oversees the day to day procedures to see that IAG standards are met.

Carlos Argote

Senior Director of Business Development

Carlos is a proven M&A professional with successful results across a wide range of industries, along with extensive deal structure, financing & capital raise experience. Carlos has been an integral part of IAG’s internal team, ensuring that our clients are taken care of 100% of the time, and that successful outcomes are the number one goal of IAG.

Horace Hayes

Senior Director of Business Development

Horace is an asset to IAG with successful results throughout multiple industries. Horace has been an integral part of IAG’s internal team ensuring that clients are taken care of 100% of the time and that successful outcomes are the number one goal of IAG.

Tatiana Del Pilar

VP, Client Marketing

Tatiana Del Pilar has over 8 years of experience in the M&A industry and has helped IAG’s transactions run smoothly since she joined. Prior to her career in Acquisitions, she received her diploma from Columbia University in New York City. Tatiana’s experiences provide her with a vast knowledge of the M&A industry and allow her to handle complex marketing strategies.

Cary R. Hullender

Client Marketing

Cary Renee Hullender has provided client services to entrepreneurs at IAG since 2009, helping to craft optimal transactions for buyers and sellers alike. Prior to her work with IAG, she has amassed over twenty five years of experience in the M&A field and has tenaciously strived to achieve maximum deal value for her clients.

Lisa R. Mungilla

Senior Executive Assistant

As an assistant to the Executive Management Team since IAG’s inception, Lisa has been an integral part of all HR processes. She provides stellar customer service and organizes in-project management. Prior to her work with IAG, she has had over thirty years experience in the banking and financial industry. Lisa’s education and experience allow her to have valuable M&A insight.

Steven Rafter

Senior M&A Advisor

Steven Rafter is both a Sr. Business Analyst and Transaction Specialist, a rarity that gives him a broad perspective of the whole exit process, from the initial business owner qualifying interview to closing the deal. Since 2006 Mr. Rafter has been a top producer in the industry and understands business owners well and bridges the gap between buyers and sellers.

Paula Kruger

Transaction Advisor

Paula has worked in various industries, including Telecommunications, Technology, and Financial Services. She has managed a range of various sized companies, from small businesses to Divisions with P&L’s in excess of $6B. Her experience makes her uniquely qualified to assist entrepreneurs seeking to sell or acquire businesses across diverse industries.

Flavia Milano

Director of Deal Closing

Flavia has extensive experience in the financial industry as she was a Vice President/ Corporate Banker JPMorgan Chase for 18 years. Flavia was responsible for Middle Market Banking and was promoted to Global Accounts nationally. Flavia has a BS in Economics and graduated from Long Island University at CW Post. Flavia also has successful experience in starting and growing her own companies.

John Loewen

Senior Business Analyst

John assists business owners by maximizing the proceeds from the sale of their business. His small and middle-market experience is an indispensable qualification for his role in the sales process. He is responsible for the review, initial analysis, selection and recommendation of those companies that will be accepted to enter the mergers and acquisition process with IAG, LLC.

Tim Marlo

Managing Director

In connection with four mergers and acquisitions platforms during a 30-year investment banking career, Tim Marlo has closed more than 150 lower middle market M&A and other corporate transactions across many industries with an aggregate deal value of four billion dollars. Prior to joining IAG Mr. Marlo was a Managing Director of a New York boutique investment bank.

Tom Schildhauer

M&A Advisor

After many years of providing revenue development and business management services to a wide variety of companies, Tom now leverages his entrepreneurial skills to assist Business Owners with business value development and exit planning. Tom spent his early career years with IBM as a Major Account Executive, then went on to manage and sell several companies.

Charles Olson

M&A Advisor

Charles has served Ten Years as a member of IAG’s Transaction Team and Buyer Development Dept. He consults with Business Sellers, and Buyers, to draft and review business acquisition proposals, negotiate sale terms, research markets, industries, and companies, as well as corporate personnel background discovery. He has more than 28 Years Experience as a Broker, in both CRE and M&A.

Ann Parsley

Deal Maker

Ann focuses on building relationships with sellers and buyers. She has owned her own business, started a non-profit company, written government grants, taught at the university level and sold a business. Ann holds a BFA from Oakland University graduating summa cum laude and receiving an outstanding alumni award for the success of her business.

Steve Ingemi

Senior Business Analyst

Mr. Ingemi brings over 40 years of a diverse and comprehensive background in entrepreneurship and executive management with the small, mid-market and large privately held companies. As a business owner he has successfully developed, operated, and exited several businesses.

Shane Hammond

M&A Advisor

Shane served as the President and CEO of a publicly traded (NASDAQ) firm up until 2012. Since that time, he has been helping business owners meet their personal and professional objectives as an interim-CEO, Fractional Executive and Business Counselor. Assisting companies with pragmatic advice on company sales, mergers, and acquisitions is his passion.

Joe Lieberman

M&A Advisor

Joe is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and published author. He has over 30 years experience building, growing and exiting his own businesses and in providing growth and exit advice to both sellers and buyers. Joe has helped businesses across a wide array of industries and sizes to help set and meet their strategy and growth goals.

Ryan Berquist

Research Analyst

Ryan’s main focus is to deliver quality mergers and acquisitions for his clients, while assisting them with the task of preparing their business for sale. Ryan’s expertise in the sales process helps create a streamlined platform to help clients successfully broker valuable assets. Ryan has served as a C-Level executive for a risk-management company.

Jim Callahan

M&A Advisor

Mr. Callahan’s small and middle market experience is indispensable in the exit process for his
clients. He assists business owners by maximizing the proceeds from the sale of their business.
Jim is responsible for the initial analysis, review, selection and recommendation of those
companies that are a good fit for IAG’s Acquisition process.

Kent Gaudian

Transaction Specialist

Kent has extensive experience in the financial services industry, having served as President & CEO in the banking industry for over 30 years, and where he consolidated 5 separate bank charters during his career.  His experience helping his clients grow their businesses to their greatest potential gives him the tools needed to help navigate the sales and liquidation process for our IAG clients.

Charles Cummings

Internal Account Manager

Charles Cummings is our Internal Account Manager, working closely with our clients to collect documents and update them on their accounts. As a former business owner focused on computers and security, we saw the perfect place for him at IAG M&A Advisors. He proudly served our country in the US Army. Charles’ hobbies include Golf, Hotrods, Off-roading, and watching College Football.

Boris Gremont

M&A Advisor

Boris is an experienced investment banker and private equity professional. He has brought together qualified buyers and sellers of companies both large and small and participated at all levels of a business transaction – buyer, seller, intermediary, and investment banker. Boris was previously a managing partner for Red Oak Capital and Reef Equity.

Leonard Seiple

Deal Maker

Leonard is a performance-driven leader recognized for over 25 years of Merger and Acquisitions experience. He has sold Millions in business sales and dedicated to providing professional service to make the sale of your business as smooth as possible. Leonard is also a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker with a BSBA Degree majoring in Accounting.

Orbin Swisshelm

M&A Advisor

Orbin “Buddy” Swisshelm  has over 42 years of business background working with independent and national companies. He has built successful businesses and understands how to analyze a successful business and knows how to find the things that get top dollars on exit plans. Buddy is married with three children, and five grandchildren and is the author of two books.

Don Hearn

M&A Advisor

Don Hearn comes to IAG M&A Advisors as a seasoned analyst. His strength within our firm is developing and managing clients through the exit process. His expertise in the Merger & Acquisition field will guide you as the seller through this exciting final stage of your business cycle. He brings to the firm almost 25 years dealing with mid-market companies that range into every vertical.

Steve Barnette

M&A Advisor / Deal Maker

In the last 29 years, Steve has helped over 150 business owners begin and move through the process of selling their business. Since his career as an Army officer, Steve has started, bought, managed and/or sold his own businesses in equipment rentals, agricultural equipment manufacturing, senior home care, industrial and mobile cranes, commercial real estate, business brokerage and a vineyard.

Holden Buckner

M&A Advisor

Mr. Holden Buckner started his career in investment banking in 2001 until joining IAG M&A Advisors as a Senior M&A Advisor in 2009. Specializing in small to middle market companies has made him one of the leading experts in the industry. You will find him a transparent and direct communicator which he believes directly correlates to his ability to get deals done. Mr. Buckner has assisted in the successful acquisition of hundreds of companies throughout the United States and Canada. 

Cedric Allen


Cedric’s main focus is to deliver quality mergers and acquisitions for his clients, while assisting them with the task of preparing their business
for sale. Cedric’s expertise in the sales process helps create a streamlined platform to help clients successfully broker valuable assets.

Michael Rose


Michael’s main focus is to deliver quality mergers and acquisitions for his clients, while assisting them with the task of preparing their business

for sale. Michael’s expertise in the sales process helps create a streamlined platform to help clients successfully broker valuable assets.

Geoffrey Lara


With a strong background in client services and marketing, Geoffrey has an excellent understanding of client needs and expectations. He works closely with the corporate team to prepare business presentation documents and keep them updated, highlighting the strongest business traits for buyer appeal.

Theresa Pittard

Research Analyst

Theresa’s main focus is to deliver quality mergers and acquisitions for her clients, while assisting them with the task of preparing their business

for sale. Theresa’s expertise in the sales process helps create a streamlined platform to help clients successfully broker valuable assets.

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