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When it comes time to sell your company, you’re going to need a partner who keeps your best interests at the highest priority. Our highly experienced M&A advisors help owners like you create an exit strategy that’s right for your future, so that you can live the life you dreamed. See what it’s like to sell your business by reviewing our testimonial videos and reviews.

Roof Masters Construction, Inc.

Roof Masters

“IAG surprised us by backing up every promise they made.”

When Roof Masters first signed up to sell the business, they didn’t realize that the price they were seeking was not as achievable as they’d hoped. At least, not initially.

During the selling process, they learned what created value and what was important to buyers though our Value Builder system and the valuation process so they focused on improving those things. 

Over the next year, they were able to bring earnings and structure to the business to achieve the perfect asking price.

They now will get to enjoy their new retirement home in Arkansas!

Smart Mortgage, Inc.

Roof Masters

“What a way to start the year, thanks IAG!”

Smart Mortgage became a client in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. They had been told their business wouldn’t sell for a few years, if at all, by other companies.


However, utilizing strategic efforts, packaging, and valuing the business for the right amount, we were able to attract many offers for their business in record time from our group of qualified buyers.


In just under one year, Smart Mortgage was sold to a private investment group for full asking price, showing the pandemic who is the real boss!


Tice Lawn Pros, Inc.

Roof Masters

“Retirement happened because of IAG!”

Tice’s Lawn Pros was surprised to learn that their business was worth more than what they thought it could be.


Utilizing our network of valuation professionals, Tice was presented with a solid business valuation to go to market with.


In just a few short months, they received numerous offers from our group of qualified buyers. A few months later, they sold for more than asking price!

1-800 Water Damage, Inc.

Roof Masters

“IAG did a great job selling our business, in less than a year!”

Through the right packaging solutions, including document preparation, adjusted financials and models, 1-800 Water Damage was presented to our buying groups.


In less than seven months, they had their first offer. Then, the next offer, and more came rolling in. Then the pandemic hit…. AND THEY STILL RECEIVED OFFERS!!


They fit into the criteria for one of our strategic partners and received nearly 5 times adjusted earnings!!!


Even during the midst of the worst economic client, during a pandemic, and in less than a year – SOLD!

Berlin EMS, Inc.

Roof Masters

“IAG made our dreams come true!”

Twenty years ago, Chris Kohos and his brother took over the Berlin Emergency Services company from their father.


Berlin EMS signed on with IAG to find him the right buyer for his company.


IAG was successful in attracting another emergency services company seeking acquisitions in New England.


A deal was finalized that met the needs of both buyer and seller, and the owner and his family are embarking on their long anticipated move to Colorado.

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