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Our team works to ensure that every privately-held business we work with is as buyer ready as possible, complete with detailed financial and operational documentation available and represented by some of the most experienced and capable dealmakers in the industry.

If you are interested in buying a business, our clients represent a diverse selection of opportunities from almost every industry in North America.

Buying a business is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever have to make.

We can help you find the perfect opportunity from our qualified business marketplace at BuyYourBiz.com

Buy the Perfect Business

With over a dozen motivated representatives, IAG M&A Advisors has the right representative in our network for you. Our growing, diversified database of Sell side opportunities ranging from $500k – $20M+ in sales.


Each is attached to an experienced M&A Advisor, preparing and guiding sellers through the process and due diligence. In addition, each listing comes with a professionally prepared Offering Memorandum to help potential acquirers decide quickly if this is an opportunity that works for you.

Industry Leading Services

for Buying a Business

IAG’s team of transaction advisors and deal makers can help you buy a perfect business. Do you have certain criteria or industry preference? No problem! Our team can source opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.


Need financing? IAG has a strong list of preferred national lenders, both SBA and Non-SBA, that have proven they can get deals across the finish line.


We are happy to work with other intermediaries! Don’t let the fact we represent sellers deter you, we work comfortably with other buyside brokers as well. If we don’t have the right listing for you, we’ll help you negotiate another opportunity while sharing with you a seller’s perspective.

Let Us Help You Buy Your Next Business.

You have made the decision to control your financial future by purchasing a company. Owning a business is the greatest way to build wealth and take charge of your own destiny. 


Is this the right time? Have specific questions about buying a business? We are here to guide you. Contact us today to be contacted with a Buyer Representative.


IAG M&A Advisors is one of the fastest growing M&A advisory companies in the U.S. according to Inc. Magazine.  We primarily assist sellers looking to monetize family-owned businesses in the lower middle market in transactions ranging from $1 million to $15 million in value.  In some rare instances we represent qualified buyers that we believe are ready, willing, and able to purchase companies in the U.S.

Approach and Availability

Lending partners in this space range from debt providers (banks, PEGs, etc.) to equity investors. Additionally, many companies have cash on the balance sheet that is targeted at acquisitions at this level.


While the deal process for SMB and middle market transactions tend to be relatively the same, the one extra level of diligence we tend to see is a Quality of Earning (QoE) Report, which provides a detailed analysis of all the components of a company’s revenue and expenses. These reports are frequently prepared by independent third party firms during due diligence in an acquisition. It is not an audit. The QoE is used by the buyer either for their own internal committees or for their lending partners if they are using outside resources for the acquisition.


Buying a middle-market business with IAG means you’ll have a dedicated team of advisors controlling the process from start to finish. Our expert M&A advisors are very focused on getting the best for you and your business.

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Our M&A experts can help you determine the next steps in your selling journey with no obligation. You can ask questions about your business, the state of the market, our process and more at your convenience.

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Our instant valuation tool can help you get a ballpark estimate of what your business could be worth in the market today. It uses real world statistics, multiples and calculations to send you a pdf report in 2 minutes.

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We have M&A Analysts and Transaction Advisors all over the United States and Canada ready to meet with qualified business owners at their locations, or virtually through online meetings with no obligation.