Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Business In 2021?

Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Business?

Takeaway: With the economy fully opened, there is a really solid opportunity to position your business to sell.


We can all agree on one thing for sure: 2021 has been a crazy year so far!

Can you believe it is almost halfway through?

From the coronavirus of 2020, to inflation levels that are unprecedented.

A question we are receiving from our clients is:

Is now the right time to start selling my business?


Our answer, based upon the massive interest we are receiving from buyer groups is: YES!


In fact, it may be the best time you have ever seen to start preparing your business for sale.


You may be worried about your business’ value from the previous year, however we believe that this time can do one of two things for your business valuation.


  1. Won’t affect your valuation at all.

  2. Can increase the value of your business.

Why wouldn’t it affect your valuation?

When your business is professionally valuated, the financials are “re-casted,” meaning that the profit and loss statements of your business are adjusted for one time expenses, discretionary expenses, and “acts of God.”
Meaning, that this time period is being viewed by business buyers, and valuation firms, as a one time period that does not reflect on a business’ capability of earning revenue.
Your business’ value is safe, and most buyers are looking at 2021 and into 2022 projected sales and how well businesses have rebounded from the pandemic.

How can it increase the value of your business?

If your business has recovered from 2020 – or, if your sales have increased during this time –  your business is more valuable simply due to the fact that you have built a company capable of withstanding any economic climate.

When your business is valuated, this aspect can significantly increase the value of your business.


Preparing your business for sale now is more important than ever before.


We receive requests from buyers every day who are seeking to purchase businesses during this time.


Some of them want to purchase one business each week this year!

Does your business fit in to what they are looking for?

We are here for you if you have questions about selling, and ready to help you get started when you are ready.



While this will not substitute for a professional, detailed valuation – this online tool can help you see an estimate of what your business could be worth in the market –





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