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IAG Sells Wire & Cable Specialties, Inc in Florida


Wire & Cable Specialties, Inc. (WCS), a distinguished provider in the aerospace industry, has successfully transitioned to new ownership under the expert guidance of IAG M&A Advisors. After three decades of dedication and growth, Terry Mulreany, President and founder of WCS, decided it was time to retire and pass on the reins of his Florida-based company.


 The Journey of a Visionary


Terry Mulreany established WCS in 1994 after an unexpected departure from a previous employer in a similar industry. With a strong focus on the aerospace sector, Mulreany meticulously cultivated relationships based on a steadfast commitment to quality and customer service, eventually securing WCS’s status as a Preferred Vendor for several leading aerospace manufacturers. This recognition marked WCS not only as a reliable distributor but also as an innovator capable of competing with larger industry players.


 Strategic Acquisition by SMT, LLC


The sale attracted significant interest due to WCS’s robust reputation and strategic position within the aerospace industry. Over 100 non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) were signed and dozens of letters of intent (LOIs) were received, signaling strong market interest facilitated by IAG M&A Advisors’ extensive network of over 20,000 qualified buyers.


One of the early interested parties was Mathis Buchmann, General Manager of SMT, LLC, a family-owned business specializing in manufacturing electromechanical subassemblies. Although Buchmann initially paused his pursuit, he later recognized the strategic advantage of acquiring WCS. Integrating WCS into SMT, LLC’s operations would not only shorten its supply chain by providing direct access to essential mil spec data and wiring cables but would also leverage WCS’s Preferred Vendor status, creating a significant competitive barrier and opening doors to new customer relationships.


 The IAG M&A Advisors’ Role


IAG M&A Advisors played a crucial role in valuing WCS, preparing it for the market, and meticulously managing the confidentiality of the process. Their proven strategies in finding and qualifying buyers were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the deal, ensuring that both the buyer’s aspirations and the seller’s legacy were honored.


 Looking Forward


Located in Rockledge, FL, WCS has been a key player in supplying mil-spec cables, standard cables, and offering custom cable design services, with a major presence in sectors including Military & Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical. The acquisition by SMT, LLC, based in Naperville, IL, promises to enhance SMT’s manufacturing capabilities and expand its reach in the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, and Agricultural industries.


The transition is not just a change in ownership but a fusion of complementary strengths that will propel both WCS and SMT, LLC to new heights. As Mulreany steps back after a successful career, he leaves behind a legacy of innovation and quality that will continue to thrive under new leadership.

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