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IAG Sells Steve’s Quality Market in Massachusetts


A Success Story: How IAG M&A Advisors Championed the Sale of Steve’s Quality Market and Liquor Store


In the heart of South Hampton, MA stands a legacy that has withstood the test of time. Steve’s Quality Market and Steve’s Quality Liquor Store are not just local establishments – they are integral parts of the community’s history and fabric. Both businesses, which were founded over 75 years ago by three dedicated brothers, had been serving the community with unwavering dedication.


In mid-2022, the owners of these two cherished establishments decided it was time to pass the baton and sought assistance with the sale of their businesses. Recognizing the importance of expertise and the delicacy of such a transaction, they approached IAG M&A Advisors.


The Power of a Proven Process


From the outset, it was evident that this wasn’t just a business transaction. It was about ensuring that the legacy of the three brothers would continue to shine and serve the community in the years to come. This deep sense of responsibility was a driving factor for IAG throughout the process.


Business Valuation:


The journey began with a comprehensive business valuation. IAG’s team, armed with expertise and understanding of local market dynamics, worked diligently to evaluate every facet of both the market and the liquor store. The valuation not only determined the worth of the businesses in monetary terms but also celebrated the history, legacy, and potential of the establishments.


Crafting Confidential Marketing Materials:


The next step was to create a compelling narrative. IAG’s team developed confidential marketing materials that highlighted the strengths, opportunities, and unique selling points of both businesses. This was not just about selling a business – it was about sharing a story.


Building Buyer Interest:


With the valuation set and marketing materials ready, IAG cast a wide net to attract potential buyers. Their vast network and understanding of the buyer landscape ensured that the businesses were showcased to the right audience, leading to heightened interest and competitive offers.

Through this process, IAG was able to achieve a much higher price than what the business was valued for.


A Testimonial from Grateful Sellers


Reflecting on the process and the outcome, the sellers of Steve’s Quality Market and Liquor Store shared their heartfelt sentiments:


“We are deeply grateful to IAG for finding the perfect successors for our family’s legacy.”


The story of Steve’s Quality Market and Steve’s Quality Liquor Store serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and the unwavering commitment to honor legacies. IAG M&A Advisors proved, once again, that

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