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IAG Sells Standard Iron & Steel in Joplin, MO


The Premier Group LLC Acquires the Esteemed Standard Iron and Steel Company in Joplin, MO


Joplin, MO: In a monumental shift within the steel industry, The Premier Group LLC is elated to announce its acquisition of the iconic Standard Iron and Steel Company, a stalwart in the Midwest steel sector. This strategic move materialized when Jay Rosenberg sought the expertise of IAG M&A Advisors to facilitate the sale of his cherished company. Thanks to IAG’s unrivaled prowess in identifying suitable buyers confidentially and generating demand, Standard Iron and Steel Company was valued at, and secured, a price higher than initially anticipated.


The Steel of The Century


The legacy of Standard Iron and Steel Company is intrinsically tied to the Rosenberg lineage. Initiated in the late 1940s by Jay Rosenberg’s father as a modest metal scrap yard, this establishment was Jay’s childhood sanctuary. Eagerly, young Jay would rush there after school, keen to absorb the world of steel alongside his father.


Armed with a business degree and invaluable military experience, Jay, in collaboration with his father, set forth to metamorphose the modest scrap yard into a dynamic steel distribution powerhouse. Their shared vision and relentless perseverance catalyzed the company’s rapid ascent in the industry.


With unwavering resolve, Jay undertook the mantle and seamlessly transitioned Standard Iron into the modern age, molding it into a revered institution dedicated to serving the lower Midwest.


Years rolled on, and under Jay’s astute leadership, the company adeptly traversed economic oscillations and sectoral shifts, always marking its resilient presence. As time neared for Jay, now 84, to pass on the torch, he turned to the trusted IAG Middle Market Team. In April of 2021, they initiated what culminated into a meticulous 2 year and 4 month journey to secure the perfect successor for Standard Iron.


The Premier Group LLC’s acquisition encapsulates Jay’s unwavering devotion to the steel sector and the IAG Middle Market Team’s commitment to ensuring businesses find the right steward and actualize their inherent value. This union is a homage to a lineage’s dedication to steel, symbolizing a legacy as enduring as the metal itself.


To our associates, patrons, and the entire Joplin fraternity, we are enthusiastic about heralding a refreshed chapter of steel distribution, grounded in the time-honored values and dedication that have been the hallmark of Standard Iron and Steel Company.

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