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IAG Sells Serbin Machine, Inc in New Mexico


IAG M&A Advisors is delighted to announce the successful sale of Serbin Machining, a distinguished Albuquerque, New Mexico-based machine shop known for its high-quality precision parts vital to sectors such as GE’s aerospace, aviation, and military. This sale marks not just the transfer of ownership but also the culmination of a journey characterized by strategic foresight, dedication, and resilience.


 The Serbin Machining Legacy


Founded in 1981 and boasting ISO 9001:2000 certification and AS 9100 compliance, Serbin Machining has carved a niche for itself in the machining industry. The company’s reputation for excellence was further solidified when Michael Saavedra, a skilled machinist and manager, took the helm in 2000. Tragically, after a decade of leadership, Michael’s untimely passing led to Debbie Saavedra assuming control, demonstrating remarkable fortitude and commitment to the business’s legacy.


 Navigating Market Challenges


Despite its strong foundation and esteemed reputation, Serbin faced evolving market challenges and intense competition for talent. These changes brought increased concerns and stress to the new owner, signaling a need for a strategic shift.


 Partnership with IAG M&A Advisors


Recognizing the intricacies of selling a business with such a specialized and critical operation, Debbie Saavedra turned to IAG M&A Advisors for their expertise. IAG’s proven process began with a comprehensive valuation of Serbin Machining, meticulously preparing the business for the market while ensuring confidentiality and operational continuity.


The process of finding a qualified buyer is both an art and a science, and IAG excelled at this by discreetly marketing the business and rigorously qualifying potential buyers. The goal was to find a buyer who not only had the financial resources but also the vision to continue and grow the legacy of Serbin Machining.


 A New Chapter with a Single-Investor Industry Owner


The quest culminated successfully with the acquisition of Serbin Machining by a single-investor industry owner, who bought the company with the inspiring intention of having his sons run it. This transition represented a perfect alignment of Serbin’s legacy and the buyer’s vision for a family-run operation, ensuring the continuity of the company’s values and operational excellence.


 The Successful Closing of the Deal


The journey to this successful transaction involved meticulous planning, negotiation, and coordination, all seamlessly managed by IAG M&A Advisors. The closing of the deal was more than a business transaction; it was the passing of a legacy into capable hands, promising continued growth and innovation.


 Reflecting on the Journey


The sale of Serbin Machining is a story of resilience, strategic decision-making, and the importance of finding the right partnership. Debbie Saavedra’s stewardship, particularly in challenging times, and her decision to engage with IAG M&A Advisors, played a pivotal role in this successful transition.


 Looking Ahead


As Serbin Machining embarks on its new chapter under the guidance of its new owners, the future looks bright. The legacy of excellence and precision that began in 1981 is set to continue, bolstered by new energy and vision. This transition stands as a beacon of successful business transitions, skillfully navigated by IAG M&A Advisors.


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