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IAG Sells Precision Welding and Fabrication in Texas


Precision Welding, a cornerstone of the industrial and oilfield sectors in Victoria, TX, has successfully embarked on a new chapter. Founded in 1996 by Mitch Wagner, with Clay Hornstein joining as a partner in 1999, this commercial welding provider has been synonymous with unparalleled skill and dedication. Both Wagner and Hornstein, Victoria natives and lifelong welders, recently celebrated the successful sale of their business, a journey marked by patience, persistence, and the strategic guidance of IAG M&A Advisors.


 The Challenge of Selling in Victoria


Initially, the prospect of selling a specialized business like Precision Welding in the somewhat niche market of Victoria, TX, seemed daunting. Wagner and Hornstein were aware of the challenges, expressing early skepticism about the likelihood of finding a suitable buyer. This skepticism was rooted in reality; the path to sale was punctuated by four separate Letters of Intent (LOIs) phases, each ultimately unraveling due to last-minute funding issues or potential buyers reconsidering the logistics of relocating to South Texas.


 Strategic Adaptation and Persistence


Despite these setbacks, Wagner, Hornstein, and IAG M&A Advisors remained steadfast. Their persistence was underpinned by strategic adaptability, notably the decision to split the property from the business sale to broaden appeal. This flexibility proved crucial in rekindling interest and attracting new prospects.


 The Turning Point


The breakthrough came when IAG sourced a West Coast buyer looking to operate his own welding shop. The introduction between the buyer and the sellers marked a turning point, with both parties quickly recognizing the potential for a fruitful collaboration. The rapport was instant, transforming initial meetings into the foundation for a successful transaction.


 The Successful Sale


The sale of Precision Welding not only represents the culmination of Wagner and Hornstein’s hard work but also stands as a testament to the enduring value of skilled craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. Facilitated by IAG’s proven process—from valuation and marketing to buyer qualification and deal closure—the transition was smooth, ensuring the business’s legacy would continue under enthusiastic new ownership.


Reflecting on the journey, Mitch Wagner shared, “We were initially skeptical about finding the right buyer for our business, especially here in Victoria. But working with IAG changed everything. Their dedication, patience, and strategic guidance made all the difference. Meeting our buyer felt like everything clicked into place. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.”


 Looking Forward


With the successful sale of Precision Welding, Wagner and Hornstein have not only secured the future of their business but also laid the groundwork for its evolution. The new owner, bringing fresh energy and perspective from the West Coast, is poised to build on the solid foundation laid over decades.


The story of Precision Welding is a powerful reminder of the resilience, adaptability, and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of selling a business. IAG M&A Advisors’ role in this successful transition underscores their commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for their clients, reaffirming the value of professional guidance in realizing business owners’ goals and aspirations.


As Precision Welding moves forward under new ownership, its legacy of quality, dedication, and community contribution remains a beacon for Victoria, TX, and the industries it serves.

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