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IAG Sells Post Electric in Missouri Through ESOP


Monett, Missouri, bore witness to the remarkable growth of an electrical contracting company named Post Electric Co, masterminded by the young and adept entrepreneur, Ryan Post. Within a span of four years, what began as a nascent venture soon transformed into a multi-million dollar powerhouse. However, every entrepreneur’s journey is punctuated with decisions, reevaluations, and strategy shifts, and Ryan’s story with Post Electric is no exception.


 The Genesis of Post Electric


Ryan Post’s journey was nothing short of phenomenal. Starting from the ground up, he channeled his energy, vision, and expertise to morph Post Electric into a force to be reckoned with in the electrical contracting landscape. But as with all young entrepreneurs brimming with ideas, Ryan also harbored multiple personal and professional aspirations.


 Navigating the Complexities of Business Sales


Feeling the pull of other ventures and the potential to extract value from his flourishing business, Ryan, after insightful consultations with IAG, made the strategic decision to gauge market interest in Post Electric. This journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Over a span of two years, myriad buyer prospects showed interest, and two non-binding Letters of Intent (LOIs) were drafted. Yet, both offers fell through, leaving the acquisition in a state of flux.


Intriguingly, this phase coincided with an even stronger surge in Post Electric’s performance and growth. The dynamism of the business landscape and his intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit reignited Ryan’s passion. The desire to amplify Post Electric’s footprint and create an even larger impact became the focal point once more.


 IAG’s Role: Crafting a Win-Win Solution


Understanding Ryan’s multifaceted goals and the potential of Post Electric, IAG’s ESOP team, spearheaded by Joe Lieberman and Tim Marlo, intervened with a strategic proposition. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was devised and executed, culminating in a successful transaction within seven months.


The outcome surpassed expectations. Ryan not only achieved a sale value exceeding his initial goal by an impressive 10%, but he also secured a pivotal role as the company’s President. The deal was sweetened with attractive benefits, including a lucrative compensation, stock warrants enabling Ryan to purchase up to 20% of the company, the continual allocation of stock through the ESOP, and other enticing perks.


 Charting Forward: New Beginnings and Ventures


Today, Ryan stands at an exciting juncture, having successfully navigated the complexities of business growth, sale, and repositioning. Immensely satisfied with the outcomes and the unparalleled support from IAG, he is gearing up for myriad new ventures and challenges.


Ryan’s journey is not just a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess but also underscores the value of strategic partnerships, like the one with IAG, in charting business success. As Post Electric Co continues to illuminate homes and businesses in Monett, Missouri, its founder, Ryan Post, is set to embark on fresh endeavors, underpinned by his previous success and a bright future ahead.

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