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IAG Sells Natural Channel Design in Flagstaff, AZ


IAG M&A Advisors and the Successful Sale of Natural Channel Design


In the heart of Flagstaff, Arizona, stands a testament to three decades of commitment to environmental sustainability – Natural Channel Design. Specializing in civil engineering, this firm has been a beacon for natural resource planning, river engineering, stream restoration, and several other environmental projects. Their clientele ranges from governmental bodies to commercial entities, and over the years, Natural Channel Design has earned a reputation for being stalwarts in their field.


After nurturing and growing the company for over 30 years, the owner felt it was time to move on to new adventures. This decision led them to IAG M&A Advisors, known for their adept handling of mergers and acquisitions. And what followed was nothing short of a seamless transition, facilitated by IAG’s proven three-pronged approach.


1. Business Valuation: The very essence of a successful business sale lies in understanding its intrinsic value. IAG M&A Advisors initiated the process with an exhaustive business valuation for Natural Channel Design. Their attention to detail ensured that every facet of the company was taken into account, thereby ascertaining a fair and accurate valuation. This step not only determined the worth of the company but also set the stage for informed negotiations.


2. Confidential Marketing Materials: For a business built over three decades, protecting its legacy and the ongoing operations is paramount. IAG crafted impeccable marketing materials that underscored the company’s achievements while ensuring complete confidentiality about the sale, thus preserving its esteemed reputation.


3. Creating Buyer Interest: It’s one thing to be on the market; it’s another to attract the right kind of interest. IAG M&A Advisors, with their vast network and marketing acumen, successfully created a buzz among potential buyers. Their expertise in this area ensured that Natural Channel Design found an owner who would value its past and be invested in its future.


The culmination of these efforts was a sale that not only met but also exceeded the expectations of Natural Channel Design’s owner.


The owner of Natural Channel Design remarked, “Navigating the waters of business sales can be daunting. But with IAG M&A Advisors, it felt like a guided journey. Their unwavering dedication, combined with their comprehensive approach, made all the difference. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner during this pivotal phase.”


Every business has a story, a legacy built over time. The tale of Natural Channel Design’s successful sale is a testimony to the fact that with the right partners, like IAG M&A Advisors, transitions can be not just smooth but also deeply rewarding. They don’t just facilitate a sale; they ensure a continuation of the legacy.

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