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IAG Sells L-H Manufacturing in Hastings, Nebraska


In a significant development for the agricultural equipment industry, LH Manufacturing, based in Hastings, Nebraska, has successfully transitioned to new ownership. This move was facilitated by the expert guidance of IAG M&A Advisors, who navigated the complex process of selling the business to a group of private investors. Known for its robust range of farm and ranch equipment, including everything from gate closers and feed bunks to continuous fence and corral panels, LH Manufacturing has solidified its reputation as a leader in quality manufacturing.


 The Proven Process of IAG M&A Advisors


The journey to this successful transition began with IAG’s meticulous valuation of LH Manufacturing, setting the stage by understanding the core of the business’s value and market position. Tom Schildhauer, representing IAG, worked closely with the sellers over several years, demonstrating patience and strategic acumen to find the right buyers—a group of seasoned private investors.


Following the valuation, IAG prepared the business for the market, handling this phase with the utmost confidentiality. Their targeted approach in finding the right buyers was instrumental, focusing on those who not only had the financial capabilities but also shared a vision that aligned with LH Manufacturing’s operational ethos and future growth.


 Coaching and Guidance Through the Transaction


Tom Schildhauer’s role was pivotal in bridging the goals and expectations of both parties. His extensive experience and deep understanding of business dynamics enabled him to coach both sides effectively, advising on partnership structures and strategies that would benefit all involved. His approach fostered trust and transparency, crucial elements that contributed to the smoothness of the transaction.


 Testimonials Highlight Satisfaction and Trust


The buyers and sellers have expressed high praise for the role Tom and IAG played in the transaction. Brian B, a member of the buyer group, remarked, “Tom had a great relationship with the Sellers… His extensive business experience showed through as the Sellers trusted Tom 100%, which also made us, the Buyers, very comfortable with Tom. This deal was, by far, the smoothest transaction I have been a part of in my 15-year private investment career. I definitely hope to work with Tom in the future.”


From the seller’s perspective, Ashley N noted, “My advisor was great and so helpful in our transition,” underscoring the supportive and effective nature of IAG’s advisory services.


 A New Chapter for LH Manufacturing


With the deal successfully closed, LH Manufacturing is poised for continued success under its new ownership. The transition not only ensures the legacy of quality and innovation that LH Manufacturing is known for but also opens up new avenues for growth and expansion. The seamless process, expertly managed by IAG and Tom Schildhauer, sets a benchmark in the M&A space, particularly in the agricultural sector.


This successful sale is a testament to the effective, client-focused approach of IAG M&A Advisors, highlighting their ability to manage complex negotiations and achieve outcomes that satisfy all parties involved. LH Manufacturing looks forward to a prosperous future, building on its strong foundation with fresh perspectives and renewed energy.

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