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IAG Sells Kratom Divine in Walterville, Oregon


IAG M&A Advisors and the Successful Sale of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine


When the owner of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine in Walterville, Oregon, began contemplating the sale of her thriving business, she knew they needed the support of industry experts. With the aid of IAG M&A Advisors, she managed to successfully sell their business, utilizing IAG’s specialized, proven process. This article will explore how the process unfolded, the insights gained, and share a heartfelt testimonial from the seller.


A Brief Overview of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine


Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine is a well-established name in the world of botanical products. With a focus on providing top-quality kratom products, the company has built an enviable network of distributors and loyal customers over the years.


IAG’s Proven Process


1. Business Valuation

IAG M&A Advisors approached the sale with a strategic and carefully planned process, beginning with a detailed business valuation. This valuation took into account all of the tangible and intangible assets of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine, providing a fair and accurate market price for potential buyers.

2. Building Confidential Marketing Materials

Discretion was of utmost importance. IAG crafted confidential marketing materials that highlighted the business’s unique strengths, achievements, and future growth potential. By ensuring confidentiality, IAG maintained trust with both the seller and potential buyers, protecting the interests of all parties involved.

3. Creating Buyer Interest

IAG’s network and experience in creating buyer interest ensured that Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine was presented to a wide range of potential purchasers. Through targeted marketing efforts, they attracted the attention of Nutra Creations, an industry buyer, who saw the immense value and potential in the company.


The Successful Sale


The result of this partnership with IAG was the successful sale to Nutra Creations, who will receive a multi-revenue stream and a network of distributors with the retail operation. This sale not only provided Nutra Creations with an opportunity to expand its portfolio but also enabled Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine to continue its legacy under new ownership.


The owner of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine were more than satisfied with the results, reflecting:


Working with IAG M&A Advisors was an enlightening and rewarding experience. I couldn’t have done it without their expertise. Thank you, IAG!




The story of Society Botanicals / Kratom Divine and its successful sale illustrates the importance of partnering with knowledgeable and experienced advisors in the M&A field. IAG M&A Advisors proved once again that their proven process of business valuation, confidential marketing, and creating buyer interest can lead to a successful outcome.

For businesses looking to navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, IAG’s expertise offers a pathway to success, ensuring that both sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

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