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IAG Sells JEB Environmental – Fort Meyers, Florida


IAG Sells JEB Environmental, Inc. to Southwest Site Services, Inc. – Fort Meyers, Florida


IAG is pleased to announce the sale of JEB Environment Inc. to Southwest Site Services, Inc.

Sellers were seeking retirement and wished to go back to Indiana to care for family.  The buyer, from Minnesota, sought out a construction business in SW Florida with his daughter.


After signing up with IAG in October 2019, they received an independent valuation from our network of qualified business valuation firms.

Through the right packaging solutions, including document preparation, adjusted financials, growth presentations, and more (all provided by our network) – they hit the market.

The right packaging can do a LOT for your business listing, including attracting the right buyers, at the right time.


Our client fit right into a buyer mandate request from one of our new buying groups and received nearly 5 times adjusted earnings!!!

Even during the midst of the worst economic client, during a pandemic, and in just over one year – SOLD!!


Now, our client can retire and enjoy what is coming next – WITHOUT having to worry about the election, or the economy!!

“IAG took us to the finish line, just as they promised!!”


Purchased as a private transaction by Southwest Site Services, Inc.



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