IAG Sells Master Mechanical HVAC Company in Flagstaff Arizona

IAG is happy to announce the sale of our client Master Mechanical in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Master Mechanical, Inc. is a highly profitable provider of professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repairs, products, and services.


The Company’s primary product and service lines consist of comprehensive furnace, air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump repairs, services, and installations.


IAG successfully brought them over 80 buyers and several offers, but in the end the owner wanted to sell it to a member of his family and asked for our deal team’s help.

Our team lined up the lenders, managed the entire due diligence process and assisted with the final legal documents.

The deal was done in just over 18 months, congratulations to all involved!


“We love that the deal was closed successfully and can remain in our family, thanks IAG!”



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