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IAG Sells Highland Building Center in Mio, Michigan


IAG is happy to announce the sale of Highland Building Center in Mio, Michigan.


Highland Building Center, a family-owned building supply store located in Mio, Michigan, engaged IAG M&A Advisors to help sell their business. IAG M&A Advisors provided a comprehensive valuation of the business and developed a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers.


After several months of marketing the business, IAG M&A Advisors identified a buyer who was a good fit for Highland Building Center. Through careful negotiation and due diligence, IAG M&A Advisors was able to sell the business for a price that exceeded the appraised value of the business.


The success of the sale was due in part to IAG M&A Advisors’ expertise in the industry, their extensive network of contacts, and their commitment to providing exceptional service to their clients. By working closely with Highland Building Center and understanding their unique needs and goals, IAG M&A Advisors was able to help them achieve a successful outcome and move on to their next venture.


“The process was smooth and the team was extremely helpful, I would recommend IAG to anyone.”



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