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IAG Sells Highball Fabricators in New Paris, Indiana


Highball Fabricators, based in New Paris, Indiana, recently experienced a major change that marks a bright future ahead. Known for making top-quality roll-off dumpsters and carts for airlines, the company started by a visionary founder in 2019 saw incredible growth over five years. Thanks to the skilled handling by IAG M&A Advisors, Highball Fabricators has now transitioned to new ownership, promising even more success.


 IAG M&A Advisors’ Strategic Role


When the founder decided it was time to sell, IAG M&A Advisors stepped in to manage the sale. They began with a thorough valuation of Highball Fabricators, understanding what the company was worth based on its strong performance and reputation. Next, they put together a confidential marketing plan, making sure only serious buyers knew the business was for sale.


 Drawing Interest from Buyers


The selling process drew significant attention quickly. The day after Highball Fabricators was listed for sale, NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) started coming in from potential buyers eager to learn more. These buyers weren’t just anybody; they included other companies in the dumpster and metal products manufacturing sectors, several investment firms, and many individuals from across the country, some even coming from as far away as California.


 Choosing the Right Buyer


Out of 110 potential buyers, the perfect match was found—an experienced manufacturer with big plans to take Highball Fabricators to new heights. This new owner not only brought expertise but also a fresh vision to grow the company further.


 A Seamless Transition


The original owner is not saying goodbye just yet. He will stay on for a year as a salesman, ensuring a smooth transition and continuing to drive the company’s sales forward. This arrangement shows his commitment to the company’s ongoing success.


 Testimonial from the Owner


Reflecting on the swift and successful sale process, the original owner shared his satisfaction, stating, “The IAG team should be proud of themselves for making this such a fast process. We are very pleased with the result.” This praise highlights the efficiency and effectiveness of IAG M&A Advisors in handling the sale.


 A Bright Future Ahead


With the deal completed in just five months, Highball Fabricators is now poised for its next chapter under new leadership. The swift sale not only reflects the company’s value but also IAG M&A Advisors’ ability to connect the right buyers with the right business.


This story of Highball Fabricators isn’t just about a sale; it’s about setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in manufacturing. With a skilled new owner at the helm and the support of the company’s founder, the future looks bright for this Indiana-based manufacturer.

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