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IAG Sells Gregg Smith Automotive in Bellevue, Florida


IAG is happy to announce the sale of Gregg Smith Automotive in Bellevue, Florida.


The owners of Gregg Smith Automotive, a reputable auto repair business in Bellevue, Florida, were looking to sell their business and sought the services of IAG M&A Advisors to facilitate the process. IAG M&A Advisors, with their extensive experience in the industry, were able to lead the owners through a smooth and efficient process, resulting in a successful sale.


First, IAG M&A Advisors conducted a qualified business valuation to determine the appropriate value of Gregg Smith Automotive. This critical step ensured that the owners could set a fair and competitive asking price for their business, taking into consideration various factors such as industry trends, financial performance, and growth potential.


Next, IAG M&A Advisors confidentially marketed the business to their exclusive pool of highly qualified buyers. This step was crucial in attracting the right potential buyers, while also maintaining the confidentiality of the sale to protect the business’s reputation and customer relationships.


The result of this process was a successful sale that met the expectations of the Gregg Smith Automotive owners. They have since provided a heartfelt testimonial, expressing their gratitude for IAG M&A Advisors’ expertise, professionalism, and dedication to ensuring a seamless and rewarding transaction. The owners attribute their successful sale to the strategic guidance and support provided by IAG M&A Advisors throughout the entire process.


“The outstanding expertise and professionalism of IAG M&A Advisors made the sale of our business a  rewarding experience, exceeding our expectations and giving us confidence in their proven process.”



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