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IAG Sells Green’s Market in Winter Haven, FL


Green’s Market, a cherished quality meat and produce store located in the heart of Winter Haven, FL, has recently completed a significant chapter in its storied history. Through a strategic partnership with IAG M&A Advisors, Green’s Market successfully transitioned to new ownership, ensuring the legacy of quality and community service continues to thrive. This milestone was achieved through a meticulous process, culminating in a sale that met the full asking price, much to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


For years, Green’s Market has been a staple in Winter Haven, known for its commitment to offering the freshest and finest meats and produce. The decision to sell the business was made with careful consideration, emphasizing the importance of finding a buyer who shared the vision and values that have been synonymous with Green’s Market.


 IAG’s Proven Process in Action


IAG M&A Advisors undertook a comprehensive approach to the sale of Green’s Market, starting with an in-depth valuation to accurately capture the business’s worth. This crucial step was followed by preparing the business for the market while maintaining strict confidentiality, a testament to IAG’s commitment to their client’s best interests.


The next phase involved a targeted approach to finding the right buyer, a process that IAG navigated with precision. By confidentially marketing the business and rigorously qualifying potential buyers, IAG ensured that only those with a genuine interest and capability to proceed were considered. This diligent process led to the identification of a private investor who was not only aligned with the ethos of Green’s Market but also capable of moving swiftly through the SBA loan process.


 The Successful Sale


In less than a year on the market, Green’s Market received an offer that met the full asking price, a testament to the effectiveness of IAG’s strategy and the intrinsic value of the business. The smooth transition was further facilitated by the buyer’s ability to expedite the SBA loan process, ensuring a timely and satisfactory conclusion for all involved.


Reflecting on the sale, the seller remarked, “Working with IAG was a seamless experience. They understood our needs and worked tirelessly to find a buyer who not only met our financial expectations but who we trusted to carry on the legacy of Green’s Market. Seeing the business transition so smoothly has been incredibly satisfying.”


 Looking Forward


The sale of Green’s Market marks the beginning of a new chapter for the business under the stewardship of a buyer committed to maintaining the high standards of quality and service that the community has come to expect. For IAG M&A Advisors, this successful sale adds to their track record of facilitating strategic business transitions, underscored by a process that prioritizes value, confidentiality, and client satisfaction.


As Green’s Market embarks on this fresh journey, the foundation laid by its original owners and the seamless transition facilitated by IAG M&A Advisors ensure that the store remains a beloved fixture in Winter Haven, poised for continued success and growth.

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