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IAG Sells Country View Bulk Foods in Snover, Michigan


In a remarkable display of market acumen and strategic positioning, IAG M&A Advisors recently facilitated the sale of Country View Bulk Foods in Snover, Michigan, achieving a sale price over the asking amount through a competitive bidding process. This sale not only underscores the efficacy of IAG’s approach but also highlights the booming interest in high-performing businesses within the food sector.


 The Journey of Country View Bulk Foods


Country View Bulk Foods has long been more than just a supermarket. With a 50,000 square foot facility that includes a bulk food store, a full-service restaurant, and a bakery, it has transformed into a destination shopping center. Over the years, this establishment has seen continuous growth in both revenues and profitability, boasting over $20 million in revenues and $5 million in profits.


Despite this success, the owners decided it was time to retire, prompting the sale of their cherished business. Once IAG M&A Advisors placed Country View Bulk Foods on the market, it immediately attracted a wave of potential buyers, highlighting the store’s value and the robust interest in quality investments in the food industry.


 The Role of IAG M&A Advisors


Understanding the owners’ desire for a smooth and beneficial exit from their business, IAG M&A Advisors implemented their proven strategy to attract the right buyers. With over 150 interested parties, the process was both dynamic and competitive. This high level of interest led to multiple full-price offers, with the eventual sale to Argonne Capital, a private equity firm from Atlanta. Argonne Capital’s portfolio includes a variety of holdings from fitness centers to supermarkets, making them an ideal match for taking the helm at Country View Bulk Foods.


 A Competitive and Confidential Bidding Process


IAG’s confidential bidding process was designed to maximize the owners’ return while ensuring the sale was handled with the utmost discretion. This approach not only preserved the business’s operational stability but also fostered a competitive environment that ultimately drove the sale price above expectations. Within just two months of listing, the business received almost a full-price offer, and the winning bid from Argonne Capital was a testament to the business’s value and Argonne’s strategic vision for its investment in the food space.


 Exit goals


Reflecting on their experience, the owners of Country View Bulk Foods praised the professionalism and integrity of IAG M&A Advisors, stating: “You guys really were great to work with, smooth and honest and trustworthy people, way to go to all the IAG M&A Advisors!” This sentiment captures the essence of what IAG strives for—smooth transitions and satisfied clients.


A Seamless Transition


The successful sale of Country View Bulk Foods is a prime example of how IAG M&A Advisors supports business owners in achieving their exit and retirement goals. By managing every aspect of the sale process and leveraging their deep industry knowledge and buyer network, IAG ensures that both sellers and buyers conclude transactions that fulfill their strategic and financial objectives.


As Country View Bulk Foods begins its new chapter under the guidance of Argonne Capital, its future looks as promising as ever. This transaction is not just a success story for the sellers and the buyers but also a clear demonstration of IAG M&A Advisors’ ability to navigate complex sales processes with precision and expert insight.

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