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IAG Sells Bloomfield Welding and Benchmark Equipment in New Mexico


In the industrial landscape, acquisitions are a pivotal maneuver, allowing companies to streamline processes, reduce costs, and augment their operational capabilities. One such acquisition that underscored the importance of strategic alignment was that of Bloomfield Machine & Welding/Benchmark Equipment & Tank Inc., a family-operated, custom metal tank manufacturer and welding service provider based in Bloomfield, New Mexico.


Overview of Benchmark Equipment & Tank Inc:


Bloomfield Machine & Welding/Benchmark Equipment & Tank Inc. stood as a hallmark of precision and quality in the domain of custom welding and tank manufacturing services. Catering to commercial clientele and corporations immersed in the oil and gas sector, the Bloomfield-based entity crafted bespoke solutions and products designed to meet the nuanced needs of its diverse customer base.


IAG M&A Advisors: Engineering the Sale


In March of 2020, the owners of Benchmark Equipment & Tank initiated a transformative phase for their company, entrusting the sale of their enterprise to IAG M&A Advisors. With a reputation built on experience and a comprehensive approach to valuing, presenting, and generating demand for businesses, IAG leveraged its extensive knowledge and resources to facilitate a seamless transaction with high-level advisement, while ensuring the utmost confidentiality throughout the process.


Calgon Carbon Corporation: A Strategic Buyer


The acquisition journey reached its zenith when Calgon Carbon Corporation, a $2.5 billion titan headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, showed interest. Specializing in the development and marketing of products that purify liquids and gases, Calgon Carbon serves industrial, municipal, and consumer sectors, with pressurized containers being one of its key offerings.


Calgon Carbon was on a mission to optimize its operational framework and reduce production and delivery costs, specifically for its customers based in the western states. Acquiring Bloomfield Machine & Welding/Benchmark Equipment & Tank represented a strategic move towards achieving this goal. The corporation’s financial officer took the lead in evaluating the prospective acquisition, weighing the synergies and value additions the merger could bring.


Outcome and Impact:


The union of Bloomfield Machine & Welding/Benchmark Equipment & Tank Inc. with Calgon Carbon Corporation marked a synergistic amalgamation of expertise and resources. For Calgon Carbon, this acquisition served as a strategic ingress to fortify its market position and reduce associated costs in servicing western states, bringing enhanced value to its clientele. The incorporation of Benchmark’s specialized services added another layer of proficiency to Calgon’s already robust portfolio, enhancing its ability to offer diversified and custom solutions to its customers.




The acquisition of Bloomfield Machine & Welding/Benchmark Equipment & Tank Inc. by Calgon Carbon Corporation is a testament to the transformative power of well-executed mergers and acquisitions. It underscores the importance of aligning business strategies and leveraging core competencies to achieve mutual growth and enhanced value proposition. IAG M&A Advisors, through their experienced approach and meticulous process, played an instrumental role in shaping this transaction, enabling the realization of strategic goals for both entities involved. This acquisition stands as a paradigm of successful business amalgamation, paving the way for enriched services and innovative solutions in the industry.

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