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IAG Sells Argo Company in Twin Falls, Idaho


IAG is happy to announce the sale of our client Argo Company Screen Printing and Embroidery in Twin Falls, Idaho.


 Argo Company, an embroidery promotional products company, was originally founded in 1982 and purchased by the Trappen’s in 1992.  This husband and wife team had six employees and revenue of approximately a million dollars.  They valued their employees and were proud of the fact that they provided them with healthcare benefits.


They had a Canadian embroidery company offer to buy them with an offer close to the asking price, but the buyer was only interested in the customer list.  He told the Trappen’s they could sell all their equipment to make additional money, because he would be closing the shop and moving it.  The Trappen’s declined the offer because they didn’t want their employees to lose their jobs.


We received a second offer from another buyer who also owned an embroidery company.  He offered less for the company, but he planned to retain the employees and the equipment.  The offer was accepted, and the company was sold within 4 months of going on the market.



“Thanks for all your help we can’t believe we sold in only 4 months!”



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