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IAG Sells Ancae Heating and Air in New Mexico


ANCAE Heating & Air’s Successful Acquisition Journey with IAG M&A Advisors


ANCAE Heating & Air, a venerable institution in the Albuquerque area of New Mexico, has successfully traversed the journey from inception to a prosperous acquisition, marking a monumental chapter in its expansive legacy. The story of ANCAE, founded in 1990 by Andell Edwards, is one of determination, ingenuity, and constant evolution, which began with a pickup truck, relentless energy, and a vision to establish a recognizable brand in the local and regional markets.


 Beginning of an Era


Andell Edwards embarked on his journey, forging partnerships with general contractors and launching direct campaigns to carve out residential customer opportunities, with the zest and zeal that turned ANCAE Heating & Air into a renowned brand. Over three decades, the business became synonymous with reliability and quality in heating and air services, winning the trust and accolades of countless customers and partners.


 Decision to Pass the Baton


However, challenges such as age and illness prompted Andell to contemplate retirement. His mission was to ensure the continuity and growth of ANCAE under capable and visionary leadership. It was crucial for him that his life’s work and the brand he built were handed over to hands that could uphold its values and legacy.


 Partnership with IAG M&A Advisors


To realize his mission, Andell collaborated with IAG M&A Advisors. IAG, with their proven and robust process of valuating and preparing businesses for market, played a pivotal role in confidentially locating and qualifying potential buyers interested in acquiring the business. The endeavor was to ensure a seamless and profitable transition, keeping the integrity of ANCAE intact.


 The Acquisition Journey


IAG M&A Advisors meticulously worked on operational retooling and presented several prospective buyers, ensuring the suitability and compatibility with ANCAE’s mission and values. The meticulous journey led to the alignment with Mason Moran, an Albuquerque native, and an astute entrepreneur with a repertoire of successfully managing multiple out-of-state businesses. Mason recognized the potential and viability of ANCAE as a highly valued trade services business and presented an offer that resonated with Andell’s vision.


 A Prosperous Conclusion


Andell, pleased with Mason’s perspective and offer, signed the acquisition deal. The transaction was a balanced mix of cash and upside, reflecting the mutual respect and vision shared by both parties. Andell agreed to stay onboard temporarily, to offer guidance on customer jobs, hiring, and licensure support until Mason’s manager acquired the required license, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in the services and values that ANCAE stands for.


Andell expressed immense satisfaction with the deal, as he could see his legacy in the hands of a capable and visionary entrepreneur who could further elevate ANCAE’s name. His vision for ANCAE to continue as a symbol of trust, quality, and reliability in heating and air services was realized, marking a triumphant and harmonious closure to his illustrious journey.


 The Legacy Continues


ANCAE Heating & Air continues to flourish, maintaining its commitment to unparalleled service and quality under the new leadership. Andell’s founding principles and values remain the guiding force, propelling the company to new heights while continuing to serve its loyal customers and community in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



This successful acquisition underlines the seamless and prosperous collaboration between business owners and IAG M&A Advisors. It showcases the meticulous and thoughtful approach of IAG in preserving and enhancing the legacies of businesses, ensuring their continued growth and success in the hands of the right leadership.


ANCAE’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, commitment, and collaboration, illuminating the path for future entrepreneurs and businesses in the region. The torchbearer of quality and reliability in heating and air services, ANCAE Heating & Air, with its new leadership, is poised to scale new heights and continue its illustrious legacy in the years to come.

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