Whether you are ready to sell your business now, or later, we want you to know we have all new options for you to consider when starting your journey towards success. We have options including financing arrangements, business performance optimizations that can increase your value, free tools, and more. Read on to see them, or use our breakthrough call scheduler to get your questions answered fast.

New Valuation Partnerships

We have all new partnerships with analysis companies who are well versed in valuing your business in ways that make the most sense to buyers today. Included in these valuations are presentations of your business designed to attract the most attention, and get you the highest offers for your business.

We also have an all new instant valuation estimator tool that is capable of giving you a range of values, and insight, into what your business could be worth on the market today – for free!

We’d love the opportunity to discover what you have built into your business, and how your business could fit into our pool of interested buyers.



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Our Buyers Are Looking Now!

We receive requests from our approved buying groups every day of the week for businesses that meet the following criteria - and they are ready to purchase businesses right now, even during the midst of the pandemic!

Does Your Business Gross $500K+/yr?

Does Your Business Gross $500K+/yr?

Our buyers want businesses with $500k in annual revenue.

Do You Pay Yourself?

Do You Pay Yourself?

If you pay your expenses via a salary or indirect method - we are interested!

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These – Get A Call Now:

Has Your Business Grown?

Has Your Business Grown?

Our Investment Groups are seeking businesses who have grown in the past 5 years.

Do You Have Historical Records?

Do You Have Historical Records?

We are seeking businesses who have been in business longer than three years.


Get More Value Out Of Your Business

Optimizing Your Business For Sale

Sometimes it is best to sell your business faster, sometimes it is best to wait and keep building. In the case of the latter, we have all new options geared around helping you grow, optimize, automate, and scale your business to new heights utilizing proven techniques and solutions from our partner companies. Even if your business isn’t “sellable” today, it could be a very attractive investment opportunity a year from now. Our optimization partners include companies well versed in consulting, technology, marketing, financial valuations, business automation, human resources, training, and more. All of our partners have solutions that can help you get sold, successfully.



With Stories To Match!

Even during the midst of one of the worst financial climates ever, we are still selling businesses! In fact, 2021 is shaping up to be our best year ever. We have sold many businesses this year, many for much higher than market value, allowing our clients to enjoy the fruits of their efforts for many years to come through retirement and investment opportunities like never before.

We’d love the opportunity to help you become the next success story – see more of our stories using the links below.


We have our team of business selling experts on standby ready to speak with you at your convenience – for FREE! That’s right, if you have questions about your business and going to market, or questions about your value, how buyers see your business, what you can do to increase your value, and more – use our scheduling tool here to get your call going when it works best for you.


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Our Reputation Is Built With Integrity.

At IAG, we measure our success solely on achieving our clients’ goals. We are one of the few business brokerage & intermediary firms that has achieved consistent top ratings & awards by industry qualification organizations, backed by client reviews. From our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, to our International Business Brokers Association Certification, our clients are always in good hands.

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