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2024 M&A Experts are More Optimistic Than Ever Before


The 13th annual Citizens Bank M&A survey paints a vibrant picture for 2024, pulsating with unprecedented optimism and dealmaking fervor. Gone are the anxieties of past years; in their place, a confidence fueled by robust economic forecasts and skyrocketing buyer enthusiasm. Read on to see the factors that signal a banner year for mergers and acquisitions.


Confidence Takes Center Stage:


Middle-market CEOs, CFOs, and Private Equity Principals are singing a unified tune of optimism. A resounding 46% of middle-market companies anticipate a rising M&A market, a stark contrast to the tepid 38% expressed by private equity firms in 2023.


But the tide has turned dramatically – private equity optimism has surged, with a staggering 52% now painting the market with vibrant hues of opportunity.


46% of these firms expect a deal volume explosion, compared to a meager 19% anticipating a potential slowdown. These figures paint a crystal-clear picture: normalcy, and with it, dealmaking exuberance, is back.


Operating Headwinds Give Way to Clear Skies:


The clouds of operating obstacles like volatile commodity prices and interest rate jitters are parting, revealing a sun-drenched horizon for businesses.


The overall economic outlook basks in optimism, with 46% of middle-market companies and a cool 50% of private equity firms predicting brighter economic days ahead in the US. This translates directly into dealmaking fuel, with a resounding 68% of those expecting economic improvement poised to dive into the M&A pool.


Buyers See Unprecedented Opportunity:


A whopping 79% of private equity executives anticipating higher deal flow have their sights set on aggressive acquisitions, eclipsing last year’s buyouts. This translates to a robust and competitive buyer pool, primed to snap up promising middle-market companies. And the good news doesn’t stop there – 44% of middle-market companies themselves see financing and capital markets as allies in their own acquisition strategies.


The stage is set for a dynamic dance of dealmaking across the entire M&A ecosystem.


Beyond the Horizon: Trends Shaping the Future:


The 2024 M&A landscape is not just about deal volume; it’s about the winds of change sweeping through the market. IAG M&A Advisors identifies key trends that promise to reshape the dealmaking landscape:

  • The Tech Gold Rush: A quarter of private equity firms are on the hunt for tech assets, signaling a burgeoning market brimming with potential.
  • Going Global: International dealmaking is on the rise, with 51% of sellers and 44% of buyers considering cross-border ventures. Private equity firms, in particular, have witnessed a surge in international interest, with their focus shifting from 27% to a commanding 55%.
  • Pre-Election Jitters Fuel Early Deals: The upcoming US election is casting an interesting shadow, with 41% of respondents expecting it to trigger a first-half M&A frenzy as dealmakers seek to navigate the pre-election uncertainty.


Capitalize on the Momentum with IAG M&A Advisors:


The 2024 M&A market is a once-in-a-while opportunity, and IAG M&A Advisors is your trusted guide to navigating its complexities. Our team of seasoned experts, armed with the deepest insights gleaned from the Citizens Bank survey and years of experience, is here to help you:


  • Identify and capitalize on what makes your business valuable to buyers.
  • Develop a winning M&A strategy tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance.
  • Negotiate the best possible terms and secure maximum value for your company.


Don’t let this wave of optimism pass you by. Contact IAG M&A Advisors today and let us help you transform your M&A dreams into reality. Remember, in this dynamic market, knowledge is your most potent weapon – and IAG M&A Advisors is your arsenal.

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